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PerkZilla Full Review

Is PerkZilla a Scam? Read our Full PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review ~
Full PerkZilla Review

“The viral rewards platform PerkZilla makes it easier than ever for you to start enjoying massive amounts of viral traffic!” — says the PerkZilla sales pitch.

But is it actually “legit”? Can they deliver what’s promised? Or is it just a next Scam? We had to find out for sure. And in order to do that, we got our hands on the PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform developers preview. We spent over two weeks trying every built-in tool, instrument and option of this platform.
And, without further ado, here’s what we found out:

Part 1 of PerkZilla Review
Tools and instruments. Quick overview

First of all, let’s name the most obvious features

What is PerkZilla?

Let me give you the full definition. So that you could get the complete grasp.

Let’s talk about SUCCESSFUL viral campaigns, where you launch a product, video or contest and have tumbleweeds blowing across the content. A couple dozen shares isn’t exactly a wild success, you know?

I’m talking about the sort of campaign that truly sweeps across your niche. The kind of campaign that has your own content showing up in your social media news-feeds repeatedly for days. The kind of campaign where you’re seeing thousands if not tens of thousands or even millions of likes, comments and shares.

And You know it’s possible. Just look at YouTube or Facebook right now, and you’ll see videos that have been viewed millions of times. MILLIONS.

But the question is:
What does it take to create that sort of massive buzz in your niche?

Obviously, you need good content. You need something shareworthy. You need something that people are proud or happy to share with their friends. That’s something really useful, something that arouses emotion, or something that’s really valuable.

Now here’s the thing… You could have a piece of content that meets those qualifications, and your viral campaign could still do a big ol’ belly flop.

Why? Because a viral campaign is like a stick of dynamite – it’s not going to go “boom” unless you have a match to light the fuse.

And that’s where PerkZilla comes in…

(Here’s your special discount link for $1 trial access!)

PerkZilla is a viral rewards platform that lights the fuse on your figurative stick of dynamite. That’s because PerkZilla lets you create a campaign where you reward people for sharing your content. You can reward these referrals with most anything you want, including products, contest entries, coupons, gift cards and more.

So now you have a visitor coming to your site, and they refer three, five or more people. (Your choice how many referrals it takes to unlock a reward.) Those referrals then get three of their friends to visit your site, who get three of their friends to visit…

And BOOM, you’ve got a viral campaign that just hit critical mass! Now you’re going to see the social love you’ve been dreaming about with enough likes and shares to make your closest competitors green with envy.

Now you’re going to see your list blow up with targeted traffic who’re not only interested in what you’re selling, they’re also eager to tell all their friends about it!

And now you’re going to see better results across your business, from more contest entries to more webinar attendees to more customers buying what you’re selling!

That’s the power of PerkZilla.

Simply put, it’s the fastest and easiest way to start getting more targeted traffic to your site… starting as soon as today! And it’s point-and-click easy to use this platform. It’s so easy that you don’t need to know a lick of code in order to put it to work for you today.

So whether you’re promoting contests, lead pages, sales pages or anything else, PerkZilla can help make your viral campaigns a massive success.

Check it out right now at

And do it now, because this is the best way to get more traffic, sales, subscribers and social love!

Part 2 of PerkZilla Review
Video Review + Features overview

Watch Me Build A Campaign in PerkZilla In Real Time.!
Check out my demo video below:
(Don’t forget your special discount link for $1 trial access!)


Part 3 of PerkZilla Review
Key Features in-depth review + Tools highlights

Simply put: people are loving their traffic, they’re loving their new subscribers and they’re loving all their new sales.

But is PerkZilla right for you? That’s what you’ll find out inside this review. Take a look…

Social Networks Sharing

PerkZilla Feature: Social Networks Sharing ~ Read our Full PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review ~
PerkZilla – Social Networks Sharing

PerkZilla has been developed to harness the power of word of mouth referrals using social media. From now on you won’t just collect individual sign-ups, this is list building on an accelerated scale where each new subscriber will bring in on average 3 others with them – It’s fast, simple and a proven way to build buzz via the previously untapped network of your user base

Autoresponder Integrations

PerkZilla Feature: Autoresponder Integrations ~ Read our Full PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review ~
PerkZilla – Autoresponder Integrations

PerkZilla‘s seamless click/copy integrations with the most popular Autoresponder services give you the option to add your new subscriber leads automatically to your mailing lists.

And you can use different Autoresponders and different lists within your Autoresponder for each campaign and if your favorite service isn’t listed let us know and we’ll make it happen!

You can also export your subscriber leads directly from the platform in CSV format at any time! And get that at THE BIGGEST DISCOUNT possible (Special Discount link)

Awesome Data Reporting

PerkZilla Feature: Awesome Data Reporting ~ Read our Full PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review ~
PerkZilla – Awesome Data Reporting

You can easily track the performance of all your campaigns with our awesome data reporting panel. Also you can view at a glance visitor metrics, viral vs. direct lead attribution and the viral multiplier results of your campaigns.

You can also manage leads and view/track their activity to identify your top referrers/influencers!

PerkZilla also includes the option to set an alternative “Tracking Page URL” this enables you to add your welcome message on a separate page of your choice where you can add tracking / pixel codes (great for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels)

Auto Triggered Rewards

PerkZilla Feature: Auto Triggered Rewards ~ Read our Full PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review ~
PerkZilla – Auto Triggered Rewards

Fully customizable “Trigger Emails” are sent automatically when the user hits a predetermined referral number. You can set these targets (e.g. send email when the user has referred 10 others) and you can send UNLIMITED emails in each campaign.

Use these messages to deliver rewards and to motivate users to refer even more visitors to your campaign.

Includes pre-loaded and customizable message templates for website launches (queue-jump and buzz building), Product / Service level upgrades for referrals, Giveaways and more.


PerkZilla Feature: Key Features At A Glance ~ Read our Full PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review ~
PerkZilla – Key Features At A Glance

PerkZilla is simple, fast and super easy to set up with nothing to install or configure and no complex coding needed. They’ve made it plug and play simple to add a powerful signup referral system to ANY site, exponentially increasing your sign ups and helping your offers go viral.

Just login to your secure dashboard, create a new campaign and copy & paste the code into your webpage or blog post. You can then edit or update your campaign from anywhere with Internet access without having to touch the webpage again.

Summary of PerkZilla Review
The Verdict

We did the most thorough and in-depth PerkZilla Viral Rewards Platform Review on the Internet. In our opinion it’s THE BEST viral rewards platform dedicated to all aspects of Online Business.

Due to this conclusion we contacted the PerkZilla’s developers and bargained the special link, that will provide you the biggest discount possible. If you want to claim it — just go through this link.

We’ve been working with this platform for a while now, and it’s one of the easiest and most superb ways to viral rewards platforms for your digital products on the market.

Listen, there are indeed a few competing platforms out there. But there are multiple problems with them. Namely:

  1. The competing platforms aren’t flexible enough to handle multiple campaigns. For example, some of these platforms ONLY handle contests. Others only handle giveaways. PerkZilla is different because you can promote any of your web pages, products, contests or content!
  2. Some of these platforms force users to utilize their templates. You have nowhere near the power and customizability with these other platforms as you do with PerkZilla. Some of them even force you to use certain social media sites. PerkZilla gives you full control to let your users promote their links however they want.
  3. Some of the competing platforms are bloated and confusing. There is a big learning curve, which often results in users simply giving up and abandoning the platform.

PerkZilla overcomes all these problems, as it’s user-friendly, flexible, fully customizable and very powerful.

From now on, it’s my #1 choice in viral rewards platforms. I know it will be yours too once you see what all PerkZilla can do. So, check it out right now at – and do it now, because a load of viral traffic awaits you!

We hope that you will be satisfied with our PerkZilla full review. If you have any thoughts on this platform or, perhaps, have already used it yourself — comment on the bottom!

We’ll see you on our next entree!

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